The Photographic Journal

Eti sen?

Essay 141 • May 1st 2017

Every year I try to take one month off and do something new, something I have never done before. So this year I went to Kumasi, Ghana. My very first time in Africa and my first time doing a photography class in a primary school. In between all the energetic days with the kids and enjoying a new culture I documented whatever caught my eye. Kumasi for me is a vibrant young place full of contrasts and order in chaos. Whenever you go out to take photos there will always be someone calling across the street "Eti sen?"  with a smile on their face.


Clara Nebeling
I am a photographer from Germany that is currently living in London. I always have a suitcase packed for the next adventure and love to go where I have never been. My photography takes me from fashion to documentary and all the things in between