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Essay 545 • Feb 25th 2024

Mexico City, deeply anchored in a commitment to community and love, consistently draws us in with its irresistible charm and enduring values. Fernanda Álvarez was the perfect character for this story as she naturally holds a strength in the depth of who she is.

Throughout the story, she wears all sustainable, ethically sourced clothing carefully crafted from both Mexico and New York City designers. This symbolizes a harmonious fusion of the similar goal to be conscious of what we wear, where it comes from, and what our future looks like. As we journey through life, we observe that our aspirations appear remarkably alike—freedom, love, community, and care. Fashion serves as a medium for navigating and expressing these shared values.

We are delighted to share this narrative in its authenticity, conveying the message of staying true to our roots because, in the end, that is what leads to true happiness.


Tigre Escobar is a Latin photographer who skillfully blends the worlds of fashion, art, and documentary in vivid portraits of the Latin community around the world. Tigre’s works are characterized by a visual statement that emphasizes self-creation, empowerment, and endless possibilities.

He is often inspired by fashion narratives, which he has mastered over the past 10 years as an active contributor to Magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Vogue, and NYLON, among others.

In 2018, he won the Tokio Photo Awards Gold Advertising Fashion, which established him as a pioneer in the fashion scene. Through sensitive and colorful images, Tigre dives into colloquial scenarios and proposes a new kind of visual anarchy.
His love for art history and painting is shown in the multi-dimensions of his pictures and films. Tigre proposes a new vision on what it means to be human in a world that is diffusing its edges and transforming from the core. His work introduces new narratives about human identity and presents futuristic portraits of freedom and self-expression.

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Model: Fernanda Álvarez with In The Park Management
Hair & Makeup: Keren Murillo Glez
Stylist: Kara Erwin

Collaborating Brands:
MNK Atelier
Aurelia Concept Store
Luisa et La Luna
Angela Reyna