Spirit Guide

Essay 406 • Sep 8th 2019

It is said that everyone has a spirit guide, the one that gives you guidance & learning through life. For me it is the Cow. As a fashion photographer I always seek the Cow when shooting fashion models. All cows in this series are roaming freely on Velika Planina in Slovenian Alps. Klara wears Just A Corpse bodysuits and hairstyle similar in shape to the headdress Slovenian ethnic Alpine women wear, called an Avba.


Matija Tomc
I have spent the last 13 years working full-time as a project and business manager in the construction sector. Now I am actively pursuing my passion for photography and art production, working part-time as a fashion photographer.


Stylist: Špela Jambrek

Hairstylist: Mare Filipič for Mare dresura frizure
Hairstylist assistant: Žiga Abram

MUA: Bojana Borštnar

Model: Klara Peterlin for ZTModels