The Photographic Journal

Purplish Pink

Essay 471 • Nov 9th 2020

The basic trick in photography is to paint with color. If you have your favorite color, you have your mark. This summer, I decided to paint with the color purple-pink. Too accurate and pastel tone, makes my photos softy. Almost every night, I was watching the pink sky, it was magic of the nature.

The sky overhanging us has served as an inspiration for my photographs many times. Especially when the sun goes down. The sky is given a special color and shape. Purple and pink blended together. That is how I named this series "purplish pink". This color has become my calling card. It doesn't matter if it is on land or reflected on water, with or without people. The sky takes on a special color at sunset.


I’m Tinatin Jabanashvili, a Georgian mobile photographer, all my work are made with a mobile phone.
I was a dancer and actress, studied law – graduated master of law. My journey with photography started about three years ago and my first personal exhibition was held in 2018, with an experimental yet conceptual topic called “Hanging out the Washing”. In 2019, I was nominated along with 15 other mobile photographers and was in the top ten when it came to minimalism in mobile photography in a German contest. Art has always been a constant companion and influence in my life. I’ve been interested in photography for sometime now. I realised that my perception of the world was changing thanks to it. I had started paying more attention to smaller details in everyday life. Mobile photography allowed me to quickly capture what I saw without missing any element. I started enjoying photographing people in their daily surroundings but in a muted and analogue tone. When the environment allowed it, the combination of symmetry, colour, and light started coming together in one small story. I love how mobile photography allowed me to be unnoticed and spontaneous at the same time. I create and build at the spur of the moment.