Vos Sentio

Essay 199 • Sep 22nd 2017

Zoe and I mused on what connecting to one another means. How do humans express themselves to each other, and thusly does that performance express who we are?
Zoe said "When we talk about identity as a performance, to me it means that I am an accumulation of what I do."
Are we alone or do we have one another emotionally?
The act of connecting is transient. We as humans can feel the exchange of energy in any given moment between two, but only to be broken the next second. Once again alone, but in company.

Delilah Jesinkey is a portrait photographer born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She specializes in documentary work, and plans to release her first publication ‘Affectionately Yours’ this fall.
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Model: Zoe Elise Bullock