Essay 56 • Aug 8th 2016

On a recent trip to Dallas, Tx I was given the chance to photograph the morning routine of two Saginaw County cattle ranchers,  Colby & Oscar.  Their days start early to beat the unbearable heat.  Once the horses are fed and the saddles are strapped, they ride amongst hundreds of cattle separating the sick from the herd.  While sitting together on the porch, Oscar revealed he had never worked with animals until he came to Bonds Ranch on a whim.  Now, 7 years later, he’s a ranchero.



Cleveland Jones
I’m a New York based Producer & Photographer. I began taking photographs a year ago. Initially, I set out to take black and white portraits of the characters of New York. Everywhere I went I had to find the most interesting person doing the most interesting thing and the more photographs I took, the more obsessed I became.  Before I knew it I was taking photos of everything and everyone. Whether I’m carrying a camera or not, I’m always looking for an image. Today, my desire to capture the authenticity of people and places is deeply rooted in the exploration of light and color; even the simplest stories can be transformed by light.