Essay 523 • Mar 6th 2023

While the world was in lockdown due to an unseen and little-understood adversary, the concept behind "Microcosmus" was born.

The project began as a meditation on where humans fit into the bigger picture of life & existence.

Through the ages, humans have maintained a level of fear for the ill-perceived. Though modern science has been able to bridge the imagined horizon between the perceptible & imperceptible, further exploration has often been left to the arts.

By harnessing the help of microbes to create otherworldly imagery, this pandemic-inspired body of work endeavors to highlight nature's relationship between composition & decomposition, vastness & intricacy, while leaving room for interpretation and personal reflection.


Sheri Manson
Having received her BFA in Advertising Photography from RIT and her MPS from NYU in Interactive Telecommunications, Sheri focuses on creating strong imagery through a combination of technical ambition & collaboration.

Inspired by the exploration of human emotion, nuance, & the delicate traces of time, Sheri endeavors to transform the inconspicuous into something more evocative.
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