The Photographic Journal


Essay 232 • Dec 15th 2017

Inspiration comes from so many places: a book, a color or simply a face. The shoot was stripped to basics, natural light, simple backdrops, clean and glowy skin by Jenna Anton.

Call it luck, but our model Tatiana goes by Tati, which is also a department store that Anaïs grew up not far from in Paris, that is known for its logo laid out on pink gingham pattern, and where a lot of shoppers use plaid patterned plastic bags; elements which were found in the styling done by Cat Wennekamp, but also in her head piece made from two men’s shirts by hair stylist Christian Marc, reminiscent of head wraps worn by African shoppers at Tati. So the title of the story simply had to be Tati.


Anais & Dax
We met in Los Angeles where we fell in love, after respectively moving from France and Montana. Our photo collaboration quickly followed, as well as a lot of road trips all over the US in our pickup truck and our dog.
When not working or traveling out of town, we enjoy our life in Venice Beach filled with surfing and yoga (the cliche is real!). The Western areas of the US has influenced our work through the years, combined with growing up in a kaleidoscope of locations (Montana, Texas, California,France, Italy). We love point and shoot cameras, story telling through one image or several, and getting lost.

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