The Photographic Journal

Nikola Lenivets

Essay 377 • Mar 18th 2019

We have a long term collaboration with Alina. Despite living in 
different cities and countries, we try to shoot as regularly as 
possible. And we never shoot in the places we live. This time we explored 
Nikola Lenivets, an art park in the middle of nowhere, a half-day's drive from Moscow. A peculiar blend of modern art, Russian folklore 
culture, fields and forests can be found there. Being inspired by the 
place, we tried to portray a typical Russian beauty - humble yet 
powerful, hidden in wooden houses in the forests, weathered by the sun and 
blown with the winds.


Andy Go was born in the USSR in 1982.
Currently he resides in the UK. People, their likeliness and uniqueness 
are Andy’s main interests in photography.
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Model: Alina Avkhadieva