The Photographic Journal

Tired Miles and Hazy Days 

Essay 340 • Sep 28th 2018

I picked up my friend and roommate Elise in Iowa City, shortly after deciding we would be taking a road trip across the country the few weeks before school started again. I'd acquired a Chevy Suburban over the summer and thought it would be a good time sleeping in the back of it as we make some stops along the way.

From the sunrises over Lake Wandawega, to the rain-drenched pines of the Pacific northwest, to the very large bag of pistachios we were unable to finish, we could not have had a better time. I take pictures often to make sure I remember things, and I can surely say even without pictures, I won't forget this time spent hopping states fueled on quite awful gas station coffee. There's a certain relaxation that comes with just moseying for weeks at a time -- I hope to of captured that on camera. 

Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and ending in California. So many hours, so much love.


Luke Meares is a photographer and self described photo-diarist based in LA, exploring memory, feeling, and community in his own life.

In collaboration with Elise Heck