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Alexander the Great

Essay 119 • Mar 3rd 2017

A few weeks back I was asked by management to shoot with Actor and YouTube/social media star Aidan Alexander. He really liked my previous work and wanted to shoot! I always get a little nervous before shoots because even though you can plan so much beforehand, there is always a lot still left up in the air. Shooting in Griffith Park in LA, I met 16 year-old Aidan and his good friend who was styling him.

They brought mountains of clothes in their car, we picked our favorite outfits and took lots of photos! Aidan was sweet, kind and very funny!! He cracked jokes the entire time but was serious when needed. What I liked most about working with him was that he let me shoot him how I saw him. Because of social media today,  with some of the people I shoot they want to stay as true to their brand and online image presence as possible, but with Aidan he's always open to trying new things, new ideas, new angles, and by allowing me to be creative in that space, opens up endless possibilities for great shots!

All in all it was a great day and a very fun experience, everything went smoothly and moved pretty quickly. I hope the photos reflect that!



Raul Romo is a self-taught freelance photographer currently based in Los Angeles, California. He first found photography at the age of 13.

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