Essay 268 • Mar 21st 2018

This fashion story slowly came together as a creative collaboration from my team. Fashion Designer Rocky Gathercole’s couture pieces help set the tone for this dark, yet whimsical magic realism story of a character somewhere from wonderland.

Each frame contains undertones of the exploration of beauty, strength, grace and power. Our muse, Adeng possess something innately grand and elegant within her and it help highlight the various fashion elements of the story. 


Irvin Rivera is a Filipino-American Fashion and Portrait photographer based in Los Angeles. Irvin’s photography is about continuously falling in love and being fascinated in image-making. His love for films, art and literature inspired him to take photographs of people.  Aside from image-making, Irvin loves to write, laugh and sing.

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Model: Adeng
Styling: Monica Acrgile

Makeup: Kendell Cotta
Hair: Shelby Swain
Photo Assts: Phil Limprasertwong / James Pantanilla