The Photographic Journal

Fade: Los Angeles

Essay 463 • Sep 7th 2020

Photographing Los Angeles for the lower half of the 2010s resulted in a photo project called FADE. These images are defined by moments of spontaneity, intimacy, and solitude. Some say that you can spend an eternity photographing the city and barely scratch the surface. I started this project in my second year of college, setting out to document the world around me on the streets of Los Angeles, photographing scenes from 2017-2019, while hoping somehow to create a distinct visual style that might define my work and paint a portrait of this city.

The main purpose was to create a serene stillness of LA that can preserve time and inspire future artists. This project was inspired by photographers such as Robert Frank, Phillip Lorca Di Corcia, William Eggleston and Joseph Rodriguez. This work is about growth and patience, finally finding your voice using both a camera and the environment that has surrounded you your whole life.


My name is John Kayacan, I am a photographer based in Los Angeles. I specialize in both documentary/street photography. I use photography as means to interpret the world around me. I studied photography at the California Institute of the Arts and graduated with a BFA in 2019.