Essay 390 • May 13th 2019

I move through my days one foot in front of the other. My shoots are no different— I let them unfold. We started with a simple backdrop. Savannah tells me she’s been wanting to break out of her usual poses. We started with words: “Powerful. What does it mean to you? How does it make you feel?” “Become.” “Present.”

Now we’re moving. Looser. Letting go of barriers we build up in front of others. In front of cameras. I never forget what a vulnerability it is. What power comes with a camera and what a gift that someone is letting me capture them.

Savannah has hundreds of fake flowers from a shoot she assisted on. My living room is transformed. We take a beer break and marvel at the mini-magic scene we’ve just created. Shooting with someone is like watching a bridge being built before your eyes. A panel of trust. Now we are building together. There’s always a shift. Now we both bring ideas. “How does the light hit me this way?” The photos are always just a bonus. The gift is someone opening up to you. Deciding to build a bridge together. Taking garbage bags full of fake flowers and creating a world where it’s safe to be yourself. Powerful. Become. Present.


Hannah Rose Murphy
Originally from the mountains of Salt Lake City and based out of Los Angeles, Hannah Rose is an artist learning how to care best for herself and others.

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Model: Savannah