The Photographic Journal

Zone 22

Essay 239 • Jan 8th 2018

Celina is a very close friend of mine, one I trust and deeply value. Because of this I felt the freedom to try something new that would hold power to each of us. This process involved a lot of research and experimentation. And while neither of us will admit it, our time spent is that of constant data collecting, either through thought or physically through photos. 

This photographic project is an exploration on ownership through activation of a space designed in an era that belonged to neither of us, along with Celina's natural compliance or defiance of her environment through pose and dress.


Elizabeth Kabakjian

24 years old with a Degree in Photography. I prefer to view life through the finder and not much excites me more than film does. I shoot everything from film to digital; carrying at least 4 cameras with me everywhere I go. Rain is my favorite element and the freeing feeling that I get from dancing in the rain is equal to the calming peace I’m in when behind the lens. The camera is a part of me, while the art completes me. I want to fly to the moon.
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Model: Celina Odeh
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