Slouching Towards Bethlehem 

Essay 148 • May 22nd 2017

Many moons ago I was born by the sea in a beautiful town called Long Beach in California. Years later, in that very same hospital, St. Mary’s to be exact, my father left this earth after a horrific fight with cancer. 

My father traveled around all around the world, and to him, this was the promise land, paradise. He taught me to surf, he taught me to love this place and this beautiful life, mostly on that very day by him leaving it. 

That was the day that my paradise caught fire. I ran as far away from home as I could, emptier than death itself. It has been eight years, and I now live in London, far from my soul in the sea.  Every so often I make a pilgrimage back to the motherland to mend this starved soul of mine. These photographs are a love song from my most recent return, a solo road trip to Big Sur in late December of 2016. 


Micaela McLucas is a photographer native to Los Angeles, California. Having spent the past several years studying art and philosophy at The Sorbonne in Paris and traveling, she currently works between London and Los Angeles, within both fine art and commercial photography.  Her approach to the medium challenges categorical ideologies and the question of photographic truth.

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