Times Two

Essay 335 • Sep 14th 2018

Shot on 35mm and 120mm film, this series was a way for me to explore a few different ideas that had been floating in my head at the time. I had the idea of utilizing Britni multiple times in the same frame. I wanted to create a dynamic shot and showcase her in both the foreground and background, just as it would be had there actually been multiple models in the frame. Using film, I had to be smart about the process because I wanted to use as little photoshop in post as possible, so I placed the camera on a tripod and let Britni move around the frame, even if that placed her out of the line of focus, and overlaid the images in post.

The multimedia aspect of the shoot had been a part of the initial idea with the shoot but I wasn't entirely sure how it would be executed so I just turned on a playlist and didn't leave my living room until I was happy with the end result. As soon as I felt good, I put my brushes down and didn't look back. 


Alex Harper
Based out in Los Angeles, CA, my time is focused mainly in editorial photography. My work has been solicited by the likes of Vogue Magazine, Instagram, Urban Outfitters, Demi Lovato, Ciara, Todrick Hall, Ansel Elgort, Miguel, Jazz Cartier, Phora, Hannah Lux Davis, Colin Tilley, VidCon and TMRW Mag.  I want to be creating art that captures the people, and the personalities, who inspire me.
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