The Photographic Journal


Essay 225 • Nov 24th 2017

I’ve grown fascinated with the dimensions of dialogue, relationships & duality. I’ve felt increasingly compelled to explore the terms visually and freely, the more & more they would recur to me. There’s some importance here, something I’m supposed to grasp, to pay attention to - I thought. In response, these themes began to directly influence a wide spectrum of my work. Styled in costumes designed by Camisha Ballard & myself for my short film that also explores the theme of dialogue, Alex & James meet for the first time on set and under my direction the two explore duality, forming an immediate relationship just before me and my lens.


Marcus Branch, born 1991 in Philadelphia, is a young renaissance man. He graduated from the University of the Arts in 2014 with a BFA in Photography, but doesn’t limit his creative explorations and expressions to just that. Also a rehearsal director & principal dancer in a dance company, an educator in high-school-level visual communications, a filmmaker and a model, Branch is a dreamer, achiever…and apparently a juggler. Branch’s work aims to celebrate people of color, encourage diversity, and to contribute a positive perspective of the often misrepresented.

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Models : Alex Oko-Osi (Ford LA), James Nunez (Krush MGMT)