The Photographic Journal

Bodega Flowers

Essay 173 • Jul 24th 2017

When my grandfather passed it felt to me like an entire ocean had evaporated. The life-giving force of my world had gone. After returning to New York, the days blended together in a cold, rainy daze. The fog that clouds our brains after we lose someone had settled in. I began making these photos as a way to understand how the world could keep spinning on as it always had.  I was searching for a way to document the half-conscious state we are in after we face a tragedy. What happens to our minds, where do we go in this haze?


Daeja Fallas is a photographer who hates to stand still, loves to chat and thinks the ocean is magical. Her work has been shown in Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Honolulu. She has recently moved from New York to the West Coast.

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