Essay 403 • Aug 19th 2019

Last month my wife and I took a week and a half off work so that we could road trip from Austin to L.A. Before we set out my goal was to document the trip organically, but as we traveled the straight, empty roads between half-populated towns I couldn’t help but frame things as if I were making a film. A western, a neo-noir, a sci-fi, a drama, a revenge thriller— all possibilities in the long stretches of liminal space along our route.

When I returned home and went through the photos I’d made, I found a disjointed mix of the candid and the contrived, yet somehow they felt right, a reminder of the places we invent when our mind has space to wander.


Audie Sumaray is a NYC based photographer and videographer who watches too many horror films for his own good.
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