Essay 334 • Sep 12th 2018

There’s a certain significance to 21st birthdays - maturity, sense of identity, privileges and responsibilities. The anniversary is especially celebrated in the western world, from which Hong Kong draws its modern origins. Can this birthday allegory therefore be applied to Asia’s World City entering its 21st year of the transition period? Is Hong Kong’s entering its adultuhood phase under the renewed Chinese rule? Is there a distinguished Hong Kong identity, and if so, what is it and what does it entail?  

This ongoing visual series examines these notions by means of documentary and street photography. It attempts at answering the aforementioned questions, as well as provoking further queries regarding the ongoing transformation of this (very) Special Administrative Region of China.


Mariusz Bogacki is an independent researcher and documentary photographer. His visual practice builds on academic training in ethnography and social sciences and concentrates on the investigation of contemporary notions of identity, society and culture in the context of increasingly globalised world. Mariusz has worked internationally in countries such as Scotland, England, Palestine, India, China and Poland.
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