Essay 132 • Apr 10th 2017

Having never had a hometown due to a borderline-nomadic lifestyle during my formative years, I was robbed of a comfort children often take for granted. Living amongst constant instability, I felt compelled to place comfort in aspects that were not physical. With an ever-growing fascination of the interpretation of “home” and its interaction with oneself, I began manifesting fragmented memories into what I believed “home” could or should feel like. I spent my time functioning completely within my own mind- thriving off of a natural yearning to idealize and fantasize my own experiences into metaphorical structures I could return to regardless of my location. “Inside(s)” is a collection of works acknowledging these distorted memories I so consistently return to in attempt at juvenile comfort.

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Hana Mendel
Hana Elié Mendel, 20, is a conceptual and visual artist based out of Columbus, OH. Currently, she is attending her 3rd year at the Columbus College of Art and Design, and graduating with a BFA in Photography. Hana is a consummate learner, drawing inspiration from her lifelong inquiries regarding the gender binary, religious theory, and the infrastructure of past dictatorships. Her style intertwines magical realism with collage and high fashion photography. Currently, Hana is focused on using her art as a method of precipitating important dialogue on issues affecting gender, and those who defy institutionalized norms. She is looking forward to participating in conversation initiated by her work, and using her creativity to spark action towards change.
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