Current State of Mind

Essay 164 • Jul 3rd 2017

I’ve been shooting lots of street photography lately, running down the street to capture the best light on the best face, the face of a stranger, because I'm hunting for moments, moments that capture the essence of my experience of that place, a place filled with strangers.

But when I shoot portraiture or ‘fashion’, I get a chance to be in charge of that essence, and express my subconscious by directing my work. Every composition, color palette, motion and expression projects everything that I’ve been trying to say, but haven’t found the words for.

I’ve been shooting everything on 35mm film lately, for street photography it’s very exciting to be surprised by the strangers' faces that show up on my screen when I scan my negatives. But while scanning this series I was surprised to learn about my own subconscious that had directed this project to what it has become.


Nathalie Basoski

I was born in the Nederlands, when I was 7 I moved to Macedonia where I found my interest in film making and photography, after graduating high school I moved to New York City to attend Pratt Institute where I am getting my bachelor degree in Film/Video, with a minor in photography.

Model/dancer: Du’Bois A’Keen