The Photographic Journal

A Day at the Inn

Essay 204 • Aug 30th 2017

Beyond it being a location straight from your dreams, The Madonna Inn is also a place for your needed dose of female empowerment. In a world of chaos and competition, it's special to find women who support and listen to each other thoroughly and without judgment.

Here are photos from our day at the Inn where conversations went into the wee hours of the morning, hands were held, and we all just let it go. I owe these photos to all the badass women out there who put their differences aside to band together for the greater cause.




Kate Sweeney (b. 1987) is TPJ’s Photographer-In-Residence. Kate is a self-taught photographer whose work has been featured in Dazed, Refinery29, The Huffington Post, and Glamour Magazine. She currently lives and works in Columbus, Ohio, where she continues to make work that focuses on the human form, color, and our connection to nature.