The Photographic Journal


Essay 187 • Aug 25th 2017

What I liked most about shooting with Cynda was the lack of urgency. We shot at my apartment and chatted a bunch before we took any photos. I learned that Cynda likes to take road trips alone, sleep in her car and work on something like knitting or a painting. She is from the south. She has a pet rabbit.

She brought A LOT of clothes to choose from. We got along very well. We shot three rolls of film in and around my apartment in a few different outfits. At some point, we took a break and went to get iced coffees. We even shot a little bit at the cafe. Then back to the apartment for some nude portraits. I think this is a well-balanced shoot with a very comfortable vibe and I like it quite a bit.


Danny Lane is a photographer from New York. He has a few different styles of shooting portraits, fashion and nudes. His natural aesthetic has been published by the likes of i-D, Playboy, Purple, Hunger, Brooklyn Magazine and many more. He lives in Los Angeles.


Model: Cynda McElvana