The Photographic Journal

March for Our Lives

Essay 298 • Jun 13th 2018

I've become quite good at drawing the line between work and non-work. As artists we can give too much leeway when people ask us to do things for them and sometimes it's best for us to lock our tools in a different space, so that we have the freedom to say no.

When I'm off the clock, my camera sits at home and I try to experience life through my eyes instead of a viewfinder. In this case, taking photos at the March was a self-assigned project. I know what it's like to miss out on Marches because of scheduling, anxiety, or other reasons. I wanted to capture it so that those who couldn't be there would have a chance to be moved by the faces, signs, and the sheer number of folks who showed up. My hope is that someone who may not have had the March on their radar will see the humanity behind the poster boards and be moved to join the cause. 


Rachel Joy Barehl
I aspire to be a truth-telling, empathetic, egalitarian photographer for people celebrating their love, weddings which reflect a couple’s values, small women-owned businesses, and families who aren’t afraid of a little dirt and mess. I’m a lover of real life, chaos, and beauty found in unglamorous places. I live in Columbus Ohio with my gentle giant, a dog, a cat and some chickens.

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