The Photographic Journal

Rise Up

Essay 201 • Sep 27th 2017

Mentalities and beliefs we were under the illusion dissipated long ago have resurfaced, empowered by the current president of the United States of America; Donald Trump. The endless efforts of activists in the history of this country, washed away so simply. One person. To cripple the beginning of a foundation of love and support that had been worked so hard to be established. The world will always need ten times the people to put it back together than it needs to tear it apart. The only thing in front of you, is the absolute impossibility of changing everyone in this world. And in these moments you confirm to yourself, that you will die trying to make that the reality. And that is why the unity shown through these photographs is essential for human spirit. Taken through the eyes of a queer woman of colour, a single spark of hope ignites in every soul through this unity of people, through this connection. 


Moe Yang is a 16 year-old freelance photographer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. As a photographer of colour, Moe aims to capture photographs that would give other people of colour and marginalized folk a voice in mainstream media.

Moe’s work has been published on Yahoo News Japan published on Rookie Mag, The Daily Hive and the Georgia Straight.

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