Layers of Grey

Essay 274 • Apr 6th 2018

Seeing the face of our model Ulyana led my team to the whole idea. There was so many characters, so many sides easily seen in her. We were charmed.

Simple discussion between me and MUA Stanislava Goldstein opened this deep idea of changes that we can go through just with changing the color of our lifestyle. There is nothing constant in it, we can transform from cuteness and tenderness to power and lust. But there is no maximizing also - all transformations go through some layers of grey.

A special element that supported and helped us: our city - full of all grey shades in a different textures, but also full of talented people we were lucky enough to work with.


Eugenia Yashva was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.  She attributes her success in photography to her love of beauty and her capability to recognize beauty in each person. One of the key factors in her style is her ability to take natural beauty as it is.