Red Dream

Essay 380 • Mar 28th 2019

It's dusk. Downtown Los Angeles looms below her. To her left is sprawling valley, and to her right an is empty Dodgers stadium. She finds herself at the highest point in Elysian Park. She's hugged by the orange and red smokey glow of the last hour of sunlight. The sky facing Pasadena remains a candy colored blue. She jumps high into the sky and feels like anything is possible wearing the red dress her mother gave her on her 21st birthday. She’s been coming to this exact spot for years. When she's here she feels more connected than ever to this city. She basks in the blues of the sky and takes in the pulsing energy that’s swirling around her. This is her Los Angeles magic.


Gabriel Mendoza Weiss is dream-color-pop fashion photographer. He grew up on Air Forces bases all over the United States. The sound of F-16s roaring and Cherry Coke Slurpees keep him going. He currently resides in East Hollywood.
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