Rainbow Basin

Essay 159 • Jun 21st 2017

Sesen Debesai is one of those babes that you click with straight away. She just gets you and you feel like you've known each other for years. On this particular day we took a road trip and just chatted for hours and hours about life and manifestations and all its little intricacies, and we caught this last little bit of light together at the end of the day. I love shooting with Sesen because she's brilliant, and doesn't look like anyone else, and I'm very happy to be able to create art with her.


Kayla Varley is a lifestyle and fashion photographer based in Southern California. In 2005 she was gifted a tiny camera, and began to document her teenage life. At age 18, she moved to Los Angeles where she attended Art Center College of Design, she now lives in West LA with her fiance and spends most days adventuring outdoors or working out of her home.

Her work aims to reel you into a spontaneous, but intentional space, where every photograph feels like a poignant moment in her life. She thrives on the philosophy that time not spent being creative is time wasted.

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Model: Sesen Debesai
Clothing: Dust and Fog