The Photographic Journal

Retro Arcade

Essay 417 • Nov 25th 2019

Tableaux vivant goes camp. Patterned walls and polychrome neon, kaleidoscopic garments and pseudo-phosphorescent locks—this hyper-saturated collection bleeds nostalgia for the mid– late twentieth century with occasional nods to bygone retrofuturism.


Sara Dilley is a photographer and stop motion animator based in Seattle, WA. Her work lives at the intersection of reality and surrealism. Awash with vivid color, she illustrates conceptual worlds with her camera—bringing a playful, vibrant touch to her subjects. She transforms the ordinary in unexpected, otherworldly ways.
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Stylist: Lauren Diseth
Hair & Makeup: Michelle Mai Smith
HMU Assistant: Daniella Rosaline
Photo Assistants: Camden Hackworth, Paige Smith

Location: Add-a-Ball Arcade & Bar

Alaina Dalita Butler at Seattle Talent
Duncan Clark Menzies
Kamry Lorin
Karim at TCM Models
Sarah Shropshire at Heffner Management
Sydney Marith at SMG Models
Tessa Viamonte