The Photographic Journal

Play With Me

Essay 314 • Jul 25th 2018

I've always wanted to do a shoot at my grandmother's house, I just never knew what it should be. When she passed away I felt a sense of urgency to capture something; a moment in time that combined the past and present. 

I wanted to do a shoot with Mila Sullivan’s designs while in New York, but the timing wasn't quite right. Later, when I thought of this concept, her pieces matched perfectly for the idea of playing dress up as an adult. And it somehow came together seamlessly. 

We, at least I, forget as an adult to have fun. Though the shoot is titled Play With Me it has a somber feel. It depicts the desire of someone wanting another to join them. The more I think about this shoot the more it relates to the loneliness I have and the nostalgia of childhood. I only hope others can relate to that same yearning of wanting a companion to play with.


Bridget Jacobs is a Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Creative based out of Los Angeles, California.
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