The Photographic Journal


Essay 283 • Apr 30th 2018

A style story that celebrates and exemplifies u n i o n,  both visually & literally, as exhibited in the process and result. Each individual comes from a place and perspective that is  different from the other but together Jess, Marcus & Saeed actively develop the direction and exploration of the vision, adding multiple voices to amplify as one; United. Attributing themes of vulnerability, commonality, relativity, and protection, we provide a vision that reflects the synchronicity in our diversity. 


Saeed Ferguson is a 23-year-old creative based in Philadelphia, who is largely focused on photography. After being hired in 2017 to travel parts of the world to take photos, he began to realize the creative world is something he wanted to invest himself in. Saeed now runs his freelance company, ALLCAPSTUDIO, out of his home studio – where he shares his naturally optimistic view of life through various creative mediums.

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Directed By: Jess Marie Cady, Marcus Branch, & Saeed Ferguson

Styled By: Marcus Branch & Jess Marie Cady