Mumbai’s Female Firefighters

Essay 435 • Apr 6th 2020

The day starts at the Wadala Fire Station in the center of Mumbai, where a group of female firefighters participate in training drills along with the men in the first generation gender-integrated brigade. In addition to meeting the physical strength requirements of the historically male-oriented job, these courageous women also bring a unique sensibility to their profession, challenging gender stereotypes with grace and grit.


Nico Therin is a Los Angeles-based French photographer. For as long as he can remember, he has been attracted to form and color, but it wasn’t until he moved from France to the United States to follow his exchange student high school sweetheart that he entertained the idea of studying photography. Through photography, he has been allowed to capture intimate and colorful moments and considers himself lucky to have shared these moments with his subjects. His inspiration comes from familiar fragments of everyday life; those recognizable experiences that connect us. He searches for these moments oftentimes in places that he’s not familiar with, and the more he collects and experiences, the more he feels attached to the world around him. For personal projects, he’s generally drawn towards underrepresented communities, where he takes a collaborative approach with his subjects to celebrate them, most often through movement and proximity.
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