Niza Jay

Essay 457 • Jul 26th 2020

I love being a part of the photo community and all the places it takes me. I’m always in for a collaborative adventure—whether I’m shooting in-studio, out in the wild, or helping out a friend with a personal project. I especially love all the people I meet along the way.

This day had a little bit of everything. I accompanied my friend and fellow photographer Jaclyn Campanaro to the desert in Joshua Tree. She was creating a video series called “Parallax” that focused on personal perspectives of creative thinkers. This video features Niza Jay, star of the award-winning South African independent film The Wound (2017). In Jaclyn's video, Niza reflects on the desert as a metaphor for striving and self-reliance. While Jaclyn was directing and shooting video footage, I flew my drone to capture vast landscapes and different viewpoints. I also shot still photos with my camera.

Reflecting on that day in the desert and our shared experience, I revisited my photos to give them a new perspective. That perspective is filled with texture, contrast, harmony, exploration, and hope. We could all use a little hope now, right?

Jason Travis is a photographer, designer, illustrator, and musician based in Los Angeles. His work has been featured by CNN, USA Today, Gizmodo, BuzzFeed, BOOOOOOOM, and many more. He’s allergic to cats, carrots, and will forever love the 90s. He is currently TPJ’s Photographer-in-Residence.
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Model: Niza Jay

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