The Photographic Journal

From the Sea

Essay 254 • Feb 16th 2018

On a craggy group of islands jutting from the North Atlantic lives a hardy race of people. Weathered by the wind and sea, the Faroese people live a life intertwined with the elements that surround them. I visited the Faroe Islands over the New Year and found an unexpected warmth and community. The people of the tiny town of Vagur welcome an adventurous few who travel from around the world to watch a Viking funeral for the old year. Young and old celebrate among the vaulted peaks and airy valleys by lighting fires, singing, and dancing. It's as if in this crucible of the elements the character of the people has been burnished, allowing a goodness to glow brightly.


Aaron Rosa is a photojournalist in Annapolis, Maryland. His work has been featured in Vice, The Photographic Journal, and Capital News Service. He also serves as an active duty instructor at the US Naval Academy.

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