The Photographic Journal

Lost in Mexico

Essay 91 • Dec 2nd 2016

A landscape of blurred lines spanning between sprawling density and sparseness so vast that the echo of an echo has no answer. Hard to compute. I had to take a rest. Frequently. To lie down in the midst of nowhere and absorb the eerie oddness and the often familiar.

Mexico. A land of such colour and vibrancy and intensity, and yet such quietness and solitude and loneliness. This is what I sought to find. Not the hustle or density but the quietness of the soul that beats within. Lose the lights, the noise, the chaos, the bumping, the subway, the everything that cities are and get out into the nowhere. Cities make me feel strange sometimes. I feel like I’ve seen them all a thousand times and they just repeat themselves over and over and over and I’m sick of listening to them.



John Laurie

John’s first interest in photography began at a very early age trawling through the images in National Geographic. Absorbed by the beauty of other cultures and foreign places, he then became interested in the medium of painting and the effects of the fall of light. From a short career in advertising, John then traveled the world with camera in hand and there was no turning back.

John is a commercial and editorial photographer, often commissioned to travel the world to capture the faces and places of other cultures. His style focuses on the play of light and composition and seeks to capture his subjects in an unobtrusive and authentic way, in an effort to capture their true nature.

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