The Photographic Journal


Essay 240 • Jan 10th 2018

This photographic series is the result of chance, dreams and an intimate connection between two individuals. The project started as the process of documenting the daily habits of my mother. During the photographic sessions I noticed an unexpected transformation in my model, witnessing her becoming fully alive in front of the camera. The transformation happened as a ritual, in a designated time and space where the camera was able to recall lost dreams and forgotten fantasies, resulting in an alluring world of colour and contrast. Using the camera as a way of perceiving and interacting with transcendental energies, I created a space in a quiet corner of my childhood home where it was possible to document an unseen world and resolve metaphysical concerns.


Alex Blanco
Even though the main focus of Alex Blanco’s photography is fashion, her assignments are never entirely visual. The aim of her projects is to capture human emotions, uncovering topics like existentialism, melancholy and longing through black & white and colour artworks. Currently she lives and finds her inspiration in the Netherlands.

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