Sunny Hill

Essay 66 • Sep 19th 2016

Me and my family have gone to the same resort in the Catskills for the past 25 years. This year, I brought a bunch of 35mm film and me and my girlfriend Clare drove around each night after dinner. Chasing light, searching for vacant places, talking in the car waiting for the clouds to pass. It was really nice. This one particular place called Miracle Mountain seemed like it had been abandoned for 50 years, but the groundskeeper ( Jolly ) assured us that it was just slow at the moment. He was kind enough to let us explore without being bothered or watched.

There is a strange, refreshing energy upstate in New York. It almost seems like life has been slowed down. The few people you see while driving or walking wave when they see you. There isn't much presence of the law. There are little bookstores and farm stands. It's a nice place to be in love and taking pictures. Clare kept spreading her wings and closing her eyes in the sunlight...which I laughed about at the time...but that actually sums it up pretty accurately.


Danny Lane
Danny Lane is a photographer from New York. He has a few different styles of shooting portraits, fashion and nudes. His natural aesthetic has been published by the likes of i-D, Playboy, Purple, Hunger, Brooklyn Magazine and many more. He plans to relocate to Los Angeles in the winter, but for now lives in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

Model: Clare Gilles