Essay 509 • Oct 17th 2022

'The stranger I know' is a representation of how aesthetics are experienced in today's society, in which interior and exterior can merge or divide completely before the eyes of the world.

The intent of the project is to show how an individual, perceived as single and unique, can actually identify himself in a plurality of beings, of souls, not determined by gender but by his perceptions of how he feels as time changes.
 It is not our genetic heritage that defines our identity: 
it is what we feel that tells us who we are.


Kristel Pisani Massamormile, class of ’93, 
is a neapolitan photographer with a passion for art and commitment to social issues. 
She has a bachelors degree in Political Science and International Relations and is currently pursuing her Masters in International Studies.
 She has always had a passion for the world of Photography, for this purpose she gratuated in Photography (Advertisement Photography)
 at the ILAS Institute in Naples. Her work tackles social and identity issues such as gender, cultural heritage and companionship.
 She is currently working for several organisations and campaigns focusing mostly on Portrait and Documentary photography.
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Concept/Model: Alessia Megna
Stylist: Medea Mecca
Assistant on set: @laltrac
MUA: Imma Del Prete