The Photographic Journal


Essay 233 • Dec 18th 2017

My dad for most of his life has been a hospice chaplain. He helped people with terminal illnesses cope with dying. This series is based on a recording of a conversation I made between him and former patient, Rhonda. In the conversation, my father speaks at length about his belief in the soul or, in his words, "a living intelligence that survives your body's death.” He tells Rhonda about being at the bedsides of those who were dying and the difference between the moment before they die and the moment after they “go into the light.” At the end of the conversation, Rhonda tells my dad that all of it is bullshit and she doesn’t believe a word of it. My dad laughed it off and we drove together in his old green Lincoln Continental from Tampa to his little beach town of Indialantic. 


Hannah Turner-Harts

I was born in the Arizona desert to two preachers. I now live in New York where I photograph Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, anniversary parties, and corporate events.