The Photographic Journal


Essay 259 • Feb 28th 2018

Photographed in Times Square and a subway station off 47th Street, this fashion editorial plays on the mystery of the woman and the vibrancy of New York. A story of curiosity, power, and flirtation. The model, Anika Stewart, drew inspiration from the 1970s in her hair, makeup and wardrobe styling. During this time Times Square was regarded as gritty, dark and desperate. Though everything dark isn’t ugly, and with grit one can see details. Often isolated against bright buildings and string lights, Anika shows an optimistic revision of Times Square: dark skin against a dark sky, but much light, life, and lust. 


Paige Ricks, 29, is a photographer and writer based in Berkeley, California. With her imagery, Paige’s goal is to always tell stories with vibrant color.Her photographic style of capturing the color and mood of a scene transcends into her fashion photography which she conceptualizes, styles and photographs. With a special interest in documenting people, places and cultures, Paige’s documentary work ranges from photographing inmates inside San Quentin State Prison and women beer brewers in Uganda to street fashion in Central London.


Model/Stylist/Makeup Artist: Anika Stewart