The Photographic Journal

Story of a Body

Essay 393 • May 27th 2019

How does one speak about their body, their scars? 
Florane and I shot these pictures last month, on a warm day in an empty field. She undressed in front on my lens, revealing her wounds but also her self-confidence. She is unapologetic, strong and resilient. For an afternoon she drew shadows on her scars, stood in front of me like the goddess that she is, ran and played naked in a place she felt safe in. I learned so much about her just watching it happen. I wish every shoot I did taught me as much about the people I photograph. 


My name is Anita June, and I’m a self-taught photographer. I started with travel photography and now focus on portraiture and people’s uniqueness, and sometimes still life as well. When I’m not taking pictures, you’ll find me daydreaming or reading a novel.