Essay 157 • Jun 16th 2017

Photo documentation is my way of making sense of the world around me. It’s a language that is abundant when English falls short. Nature, personal relationships, self - My work is simply an ongoing interpretation of my surroundings - visual explanations of emotions and meaning for myself, and for the people in my life who care to view.

These photographs tell about a realization of the transient nature of being human, how we are all workings of art - always feeling, and forever incomplete. They are a quiet observation of growth.


Noah Sahady is an American photographer currently based in Los Angeles, CA. His work follows a casual narrative-format that reports on a variety of subject matter, ranging from fashion to ecological studies – His obsession with finding honesty down every avenue lends to a common theme found throughout his work’s entirety. Born and raised in a few average towns in Western Pennsylvania helped establish an appreciation for modesty, which he then took with him to New York City to expand on his perspective. Now living on the west coast in a small home just south of LA, he focuses on creating work that brings light to unnoticed and under-appreciated moments.

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