Tactile Translations

Essay 285 • May 4th 2018

Inspired by the curiously beautiful artworks created during early infancy, Eden’s collection features intricate embroideries and exquisite surface design influenced by child’s interpretation of ‘art’ during early life.

The materials have been carefully selected to reflect an infant’s fascination with bold colour, tactile fabrics and eye-catching detail; childhood paintings were developed into unique embroideries, prints and handpainted motifs. Using textures that appeal to a multitude of senses, oversized knitwear contrasts with structured corsets and lavished sequinned pieces, intricate beadwork, glossy foils and smooth velvets, emphasising the eclectic nature of the collection.


Michael Savage is a freelance photographer and curator at The Pupil Sphere, working predominantly within exhibitions, photo books, art and fashion. His latest self-publication, In Formalities, recently launched alongside the successful opening of his collaborative exhibition, Pleasure Principles, with fellow artist and girlfriend Alexandra Hayter.

Model credits:


(Designer) Eden