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Ebony Beach Club

Essay 543 • Jan 28th 2024

This photo series is a highlight of Ebony Beach Club's Juneteenth 2023 celebration in Los Angeles, CA at Dockweiler Beach. Ebony Beach Club a.k.a. "The Black Beach Renaissance", originally founded in 1957 by Silas White and later rebranded by Brick Howse and Gage Crismond, is a movement that reconnects black and brown people to the beach to celebrate freedom, community, and the simple joy of belonging. Thousands have flocked to EBC, not only to soak in the California sun, but to also experience free surf lessons, fun games, delicious food, and incredible DJ sets. Beyond the laughter and rejoicing, Ebony Beach Club carries a deeper purpose: to counter the lingering currents of racism that still taint the waters of access and belonging on these shores.


My name is Zay Monae and I am a cultural photographer, within my community of Los Angeles, who’s constantly intrigued by the kaleidoscopic tapestry of human experiences within regions of the city such as Leimert Park, Inglewood, Crenshaw, Baldwin Hills, and South Central and East LA.

I am of African American and Mexican descent and strive to visually embody the unique energy radiating from both cultures through my lens. I am eager to capture the soul of the city exploring beyond the Hollywood facades. I seek to find stories in the forgotten corners, celebrate historical communities, and reveal the city’s true essence one capture at a time.
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Ebony Beach Club