Love is Present

Essay 310 • Jul 11th 2018

I documented Hanna and Caleb on a Sunday morning in their lovely apartment. I didn't want to direct a dramatic love scene as that's not what the truth is. I simply want to document the moment in the daily life as it is, with its plainness and everything.  

I never think love is thousands of beautiful words and promises. Love is a glimpse, a warmth in my hands and most importantly every moment I’m with someone. It is right now, in this big world and this small space we share.


Leafy Yeh is a New York/Los Angeles-based photographer and filmmaker, currently living in LA. As a filmmaker, her film Water Girls has been an official selection of the 2017 New York Short Film Festival, screened at Sunshine Cinema in Manhattan. Her film was also screened at Performing Arts Center in New York. Originally from China, she started fashion photography in 2011. She aims to create the imaginary beauty in daily life and people around her. Her work was showcased in solo exhibitions at Art + Space Solo Exhibition in Shanghai, Performing Arts Center in New York, group exhibitions at Passage Gallery Group Exhibition, and Two Wall Gallery in New York.

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