Essay 195 • Sep 13th 2017

Everything is disposable. What we do, the things we consume and the relationships we have. You can try to escape from it but it's unlikely that you'll succeed. Polyethylene is an answer to the constant need of having to turn art into something disposable. "Too raw", "too grainy" are some of the things I hear about my photography. Are we actually looking for disposable things in our lives? Me and the stylist Nicole dressed our model Feline in polyethylene garbage bags. Even though I can't agree with the concept of "living the disposable life", I can still create a disposable fashion. You want it this way? Here you are!



Alex Blanco

Even though the main focus of Alex Blanco’s photography is fashion, her assignments are never entirely visual. The aim of her projects is to capture human emotions, uncovering topics like existentialism, melancholy and longing through black & white and colour artworks. Currently she lives and finds her inspiration in the Netherlands.

Model: Féline Maarschalk

Stylist + Makeup: Nicole Wulf