The Photographic Journal

La Pura Vida

Essay 493 • Feb 21st 2022

I went to Costa Rica with 22 roles of film, 2 water housings, 4 cameras and few expectations. I wanted to play with the Hasselblad Xpan in the water, a tool I'm increasingly interested in as I have rarely (if ever) seen it used to photograph surfing.

The best parts of being a photographer are the situations and people you find yourself connected to. Within a few days of being in Costa, I met Marcello and his crew of longboarders with possibly the best vibes on planet Earth. We shot in the evenings with good light. We took boat trips and had dinners and beers and became friends. Beyond the photographs, there's nothing more valuable than that.


Joshua Penn Soskin, an award-winning photographer, writer and film director, was born and raised in California. He has been featured in galleries, collections, and magazines and received critical acclaim for his multi-media art projects “The Untitled Underwear Project” and “The Untitled Sports Project.”

Josh seeks out indelible, iconic, human moments that often evoke nostalgia. He is dedicated to shooting nearly all his work on film, giving it a sense of timelessness.
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