The Photographic Journal

What About Now

Essay 284 • May 2nd 2018

Black hair can speak volumes without saying anything at all. #ByTheRoot is a campaign geared towards providing other Black people a space to share their “hairstory”. This may consist of hair horrors, barber shop memories, political matters that have trickled into the personal lives of black identity.

Loosely inspired by famed painter Barkley Hendricks’s, “What’s Going On”, these photos have created a conglomeration of Black Collaboration, and in thus being titled, “What About Now”.



I closely tie my artist name to my craft. Shorthand for Novice, the name Novi acts as a reminder of where I began as a photographer . Being black and gay, I create pieces that can combine the two. My first solo exhibition, “The Variance Project,” focused on varied personalities that exist within the gay black community. My current project, “#Bytheroot,” focuses on Black hair and its connection to one’s own identity.

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